Constructed Nature, 2019

Horses  , Mixed media (wood, digital print), size, 2019

Horses, Mixed media (wood, digital print), size, 2019

Landscape  , Mixed media (graphite drawing, resin, Astroturf), size, 2019

Landscape, Mixed media (graphite drawing, resin, Astroturf), size, 2019

Constructed Nature is a multimedia installation consisting of drawing, painting, sculpture, and video that serve as simulations for Rappaport’s perceived reality. In this group of artworks, Rappaport uses abstracted imagery of the natural world that manifest her distorted world, a world that is not an arcadia landscape but a visual and conceptually layered questioning of how she sees human’s relationships to one another and our environment.

In this work Rappaport sees pure nature not the catalyst for discussion but that the idea of nature is transformed into another societal structure, used by Man, as construction that directs our lives. Nature and Social Structures, very different in their essence fuse together in Rappaport’s world that creates this constructed landscape, an expansive view of her questioning that she has formed by the combination of visual elements. This opposition of ideas and duality of philosophies, one of freedom and one of the rules translates through the material choices and compositional positioning of the work. The layering of energetic, wildly graphite marks, liberated onto the wall overlapped with a confined canvas or resin cube contradict one another. It's this contradiction that Rappaport creates her surreal abstracted perspective of Constructed Nature.  

The subject matter, chromatic narrative, and materiality intertwine through the installation creating an overall look to the work.  The subject matter of natural elements including man, horses, foliage along with the chromatic narrative of greens, yellows and grays visually link the works. While each piece serves as a vignette for a more profound questioning of our relationship to our environments and how Rappaport’s artistic choice to frame, build or confine changes the subject matter’s meaning and our attitude towards it.

Man  , Mixed media (graphite, oil on canvas), size, 2019

Man, Mixed media (graphite, oil on canvas), size, 2019

The Hunt by Jennifer Rappaport, narrated by Bret Hendricks, one channel color video, duration 2.46